No Secret Beetwen Us

No Secret Beetwen Us


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Type: Photography

Medium: Photography Print Archival Inkjet on Photo Paper

Year: 2021

Dimension: 60cm (H) x 105cm (W)

Signed: yes

Framed: no

IDR 2.850.000

“Goodbye, Privacy!” is a sentence that I will always say when any personal information is used or 

distributed by others without prior permission. The digital world and the internet 4.0 have hacked into 

privacy spaces today, even tapping private communications. The goals are often related to capitalist 

interests such as shaping social media algorithms, reading our self-interests, and connecting us to 

endless commercial offerings.


The rise of cases of personal data being hacked and then traded, as well as the problem of hoaxes 

forced the police to form cyber police that oversees cyberspace. Things that again take away the 

privacy space. Surveillance cameras placed in public places monitor the movements of citizens to 

be more obedient to the rules. Even more terrifying, there are many cases of surveillance cameras 

installed by sex offenders to spy on victims who are placed hidden. Not to mention social media 

where we often share personal things.


I did some experimenting with creating patterns, repetitions, and loops that would trigger the anxiety 

of a person with Trypophobia which is very annoying (although it only happens to some people), 

such as the anxiety and annoyance we feel when we are watched too much. There are indeed many 

advantages of unsupervised (surveillance) this and also provides a sense of security.


However, it seems that there is no longer a place to hide if we are still connected to the internet, 

even though we already know that we are always being watched by God and all the good and bad 

things we do will be recorded by angels. However, when the supervision is carried out by humans 


excessively it feels unfair!

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